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1. Select the title that best describes your work:

      DRE                              Teacher
      Principal                        Catechist

2.  What is the grade level of the children you work with. (Check only one. If you work with children in more than one grade, go to question 3.)

Preschool                         Grade 4
    Kindergarten                  Grade 5
    Grade 1                          Grade 6
    Grade 2                    Grade 7
    Grade 3                    Grade 8

3.  If you work with children in more than one grade, which, best matches the grade range? (Check only one.)

      Preschool through Grade 8      Grade 4 through Grade 6
      Preschool through Grade 3     Grades 7 and 8
4.  How did you first find out about the Family Pages online? (Check only one.)

       From information in a Pflaum Gospel Weeklies teaching guide
       From information in a Pflaum Gospel Weeklies children's paper
       From a colleague in my program
       From someone outside my program

5.  How do you use Family Pages in your program?  (Check all that apply.)

     Make copies to use in a class or group setting
     Make copies to send home with children
     Recommend Family Pages for parents and children to use at home

6.  Which Family Pages features do you find most useful? (Check up to five.)

       Preschool Activity Pages                            Catholic Culture
       Grades K-1 Activity Pages                        Saints of the Season
       Grades 2-3 Activity Pages                    Feasts of the Season
       Grades 4-6 Activity Pages                    Family Prayers
       Grades 7-8 Activity Pages
7.  Use the box below for any comments you have on current Family Page features.

8.  Use the box below for suggestion you have for future Family Page features.

9.  If you use the print version of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies in your program, please indicate the editions you use. (Check all that apply.)

     Seeds (Preschool)                                          Venture (Grades 4-6)
     Promise (Grades K-1)                                 Visions (Grades 7-8)
     Good News (Grades 2-3)                         Don't use any of the above
10.  New Family Pages are posted online four times during the school year. If you would like us to notify you by e-mail when new pages are available, enter your e-mail address here:   

Thank you for taking part in our survey.