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FROM OUR EDITORS—Sunday, July 23 • 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

From_Our_EditorIt’s one of those mornings when I fight for every forward step. A fortunate few readers may have no idea what I’m talking about. Many others know all too well what I mean. The weeds and wheat in this Sunday’s Gospel are a good metaphor for the struggle between good and evil—from our everyday struggles to societal and global challenges.

While I like to think of myself as good seed planted in rich soil, sometimes my thoughts and attitudes are pretty weedy. The force of evil in this world is strong. The devil knows all the chinks in our armor. Negativity creeps in and colors our perspective despite the rich blessings in our lives. Please join me in praying that all who seek to serve God persevere in the face of struggle—internal and external—and that we consistently water the wheat by proclaiming Jesus as our Lord!

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