Familiarize students with new changes in the Roman Missal and the Mass

USCBB Wikipedia Clerical Whispers
Catechist Magazine USCCB Prayers and Responses
Welcome, Children! Mass Prayers Understanding the Mass
  Teaching about the history of the Missal (web links)
These three resources trace the history of the Roman Missal from its inception at the Council of Trent in 1570 to the present day. The Wikipedia version is the most detailed. The history provided by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) includes a permission to adapt it for diocese or parish use if appropriate credit is included. The reading level in the version provided by Clerical Whispers, a British blog, is appropriate for students in intermediate grades.

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  Teaching about the changes (reproducible pages)
Catechist magazine offers lessons in a five-session format for teaching children about changes in the words we pray and hear at Mass. The USCCB document shows text formerly spoken at Mass by the people, side by side with the new text. The “Mass Prayers and Responses” reproducible pages provide the new text with changes in bold type. The two-page standard version is intended for class use. The bulletin version can be printed back-to-back, folded, and used as a bulletin stuffer for reference during Mass.

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  Teaching about the Mass (Pflaum books)
These Pflaum books for children and young teens who are learning about the Mass have been updated to include changes in the Missal. Welcome, Children!, a hands-on activity book, uses word games and pencil activities to engage children in learning about the Mass. Mass Prayers is just the right size for primary-grade children and includes both words to use and the postures. Understanding the Mass provides a step-by-step walk through the Mass for young teens.

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