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FROM OUR EDITORS—Sunday, August 6 – Transfiguration of the Lord

FROM OUR EDITORS—Sunday, August 6 –  Transfiguration of the Lord

In Sunday’s Gospel of the Transfiguration, Peter says, “Lord, it is good that we are here.” He then suggests that he can build tents for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Peter wants to hold on to this mountaintop experience.

Who hasn’t wanted to slow the progression of time and extend an experience of great happiness and joy? And who hasn’t been in a deep valley, praying that a time of trial will quickly pass? Life is a series of hills and valleys—and a lot of ordinary days in between.

I am comforted by what Jesus tells Peter, James, and John after they have fallen to the ground in fear. He touches them and says, “Rise, and do not be afraid.” Our God is personal and assures us that he will be with each of us come what may. So take heart and face the future—mountaintops of joy, valleys of despair, and all the in-between—with hope and confidence in our good God!


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