Senior High Edition

Each lesson helps catechists lead
candidates to strengthen their
relationship with Jesus as the Way, the
Truth, and the Life. Photos help them
visualize meaning (so important today),
the writing is clear and concise, and
activities are both thought-provoking and engaging.
There are opening and closing prayers in each lesson,
the relationship among the sacraments
is reviewed, and the call to service is
presented fully, both in photos and text.

Lesson Elements

Every lesson of Gifted with the Spirit begins and ends with prayer. Each lesson includes hands-on Bible activities to help young people develop greater familiarity and comfort with Scripture. Lessons also include a Catholic Literacy feature, definition of faith words, journaling opportunities, individual and group activities that invite young people to consider ways to put their faith into action, and suggestions for service.

Lesson Titles

  1. Your Journey of Faith
  2. Your Faith Community
  3. Your Faith
  4. Your Journey of Initiation
  5. Your Life as a Disciple
  6. The Sacraments and the Church
  7. Your Call to Service and to Witness
  8. Come, Holy Spirit!