Seasonal Programs

Pflaum offers devotionals for children of all ages, with scripture, age-appropriate activities and reflections, prayer, and a focus on real life lessons to guide students through their seasonal journeys. These guidebooks are available in three age-appropriate editions and are perfect supplements for parish religious education programs or school religion classes.

Absolutely Advent!  helps children enter more fully into the real spirit of this special Church season—even as they are distracted by Christmas commercials, music, and decorations.

Totally Lent! enriches the Lenten journey for young Catholics, highlighting life lessons from the daily Scriptures and inspiring ways to live out those lessons.

Seasonal Programs

Absolutely Advent!

No time of year is more exciting for children than the weeks and days leading up to Christmas. Now Absolutely Advent! can give them a new understanding of what the expectation and excitement, the celebration and joy are all about.

A page a day through December 24—plus a bonus day for Christmas—provides young readers with a paraphrase or quote from the day’s Gospel, a brief exploration about what that message means for them today, and a game, puzzle, or activity to reinforce the learning. The day-by-day format can also provide focus and structure for intergenerational and family-based catechetical programs as well as home-school catechesis.

Totally Lent!

Each day features a new page of reflections and age-appropriate activities, offering prayer experiences throughout Lent. Activities reinforce Catholic vocabulary and traditions, help children reflect upon Lenten symbols and practices, and introducing lessons for today in the lives of saints. Each week begins with a two-page introduction designed to help children explore Lenten practices and learn more about how their Church celebrates throughout the year.

Absolutely Advent!

Each 36-page booklet provides a page a day through December 24—plus a bonus day for Christmas.

Totally Lent!

From Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, each 64-page booklet features a new page of reflections and activities for each day, plus a weekly activity.

Available in 3 editions!
  • • Primary: for grades 2-3
  • • Intermediate: for grades 4-6
  • • Jr-Sr High: for grades 7-12

Simple page-a-day format provides young readers with the day’s Gospel message in language they can understand.


Age-appropriate activities encourage readers to reflect on the Gospel messages and apply them to their own lives.


Quantity discounts apply to any assortment of the three books in this series.