Confirmation program

Pflaum offers its Confirmation preparation program, Gifted with the Spirit, for two age levels—junior high and senior high. Each edition stands alone or can be combined with the other for a two-year preparation program.

New Features of Gifted with the Spirit

  • One unified program for two levels—junior high and senior high
  • Improved and engaging design, content, photos, and illustrations
  • Updated Catechist Edition, e-blast content for parents/sponsors and candidates, resources to support requirements for two-year sacramental preparation programs, and video links for each lesson.
  • The new Gifted with the Sprit Confirmation Preparation Program has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Why Gifted with the Spirit?

Helping adolescents prepare for Confirmation is an important task. That’s why it’s a good thing the task is shared. Parents, sponsors, catechists, Confirmation directors, pastors, parish members, and bishops all contribute to preparing young people for active participation in the life of the Church.

The eight lessons of each Candidate Edition provide the information and inspiration that young people need as they move toward making and living out personal faith commitments.

Three-Step Lesson Process

Each Gifted with the Spirit lesson is presented as a three-step process:

  1. The Way begins with the opening prayer and an activity that invites the young people to reflect on their own life experience that relates to the lesson topic.
  2. The Truth presents the core message and doctrine of the lesson.
  3. The Life invites the young people to consider how to respond to the message or doctrine with their lives. It ends with a closing prayer.
Junior High Edition

Lessons cover Catholic tradition clearly and in depth, include a Scripture feature to strengthen biblical connections, and offer lively activities.

Senior High Edition

Older teens will explore prayer, sacraments, and service as the framework for a Catholic lifestyle and for strengthening their relationships with Jesus.

Bilingual Edition - Ungidos con el Espíritu

La edición para Junior High está disponible en español e incluye las lecciones para los estudiantes, guía catequética, evaluaciones y recursos adicionales.

The Junior High edition is available in Spanish and includes the student lessons, teaching guide, assessments and bonus resources.

Gifted with the Spirit Online Resources Overview

This video is perfect to introduce the online resources to your catechists or teachers or to help candidates, parents, and sponsors who will participating in the program at home.


Our popular booklet/magazine format (colorful eight-page lessons) involves teens with photos, contemporary examples, and lively, interactive things to do—all in a language they “get.”


Lessons are developed so they fit your allotted time spans, “feel right,” and are easy to teach (for eight sessions, 60 to 90 minutes each). Additional activities for extended programs are provided!


We’re more affordable than any other complete program. If you find a better-priced program, let us know and we’ll match that price.