Junior High Edition

Junior high lessons begin with the call to prayer,
cover Catholic tradition clearly and in depth,
include a Scripture search to strengthen biblical
connections, and offer lively activities to keep
young minds engaged. A Called to Serve feature
suggests works of mercy or justice the young
people can perform to serve others outside of their class sessions.
A recall to prayer provides a reflective closure.

Lesson Elements

Every lesson of Gifted with the Spirit begins and ends with prayer. Each lesson includes hands-on Bible activities to help the young people develop greater familiarity and comfort with Scripture. Lessons also include a Catholic Literacy feature, definition of faith words, journaling opportunities, individual and group activities that invite the young people to consider ways to put their faith into action, and suggestions for service.

Lesson Titles

  1. Called by the Holy Spirit
  2. Accepting God’s Call
  3. Building a Friendship with God
  4. Recognizing the Holy Spirit in Your Life
  5. Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  6. Experiencing God’s Love in the Church
  7. Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation
  8. Making a Difference as Disciples