Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program

The BEST and ONLY alternative to bulky, expensive textbooks, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program combines a complete doctrinal catechesis with the liturgical life of the Church.

Digital versions available for Student Lessons, Teaching Guides, and What the Church Believes and Teaches!

Call your sales rep today to order digital for the same low price as the print edition! Or the new combo of print and digital for just $2.00 more!


The content of the program flows from each Sunday’s Gospel, and students learn their faith within the rhythms and seasons of the liturgical year.


Every lesson goes home to involve parents (who hear the same Gospel on Sunday) making it easier for them to discuss topics with their children.

Student Lessons

Every week, the children gather for prayer, song, and an activity that taps into something they already know or have experienced and introduces the Sunday Gospel theme. They proclaim the Gospel together and then learn the related Church teaching and doctrine. Games, discussion questions, and activities reinforce the Scripture, doctrine, and life application.

Expanded Teaching Guides

Teaching Guides contain both flexible 5-day lesson pacing guides for Catholic schools and 60- and 90-minute sessions for parish programs. These full-color guides make religion class fun, relevant, and adaptable to your schedule. In just two-pages each week, catechists and teachers have lessons that can be accomplished in the time they have.

Updated Catechism Handbook

There is a handbook for each level of the program that covers all the Church teachings that are necessary and appropriate for that age group, organized according to the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The concepts in the handbooks are integrated into each lesson and increase the emphasis on Catholic Identity and help the children appreciate the importance and beauty of being Catholic. The handbook is included free for each student.

Bilingual Lessons

We offer bilingual student lessons for Seeds, Promise, Good News, Venture and Visions! Combined with the bilingual editions of the Catechism handbooks, Mi fe católica, this complete program is ideal for those parishes that need an effective bilingual component in their catechetical program.

All students receive 32 lessons and the Catechism handbook. Teaching Guides are FREE!

Effective Method

Instead of students carrying heavy, expensive textbooks, they will receive a new lesson handout every week. Anchored by each Sunday’s Gospel, these attractive lessons provide a liturgical catechesis that connects the Gospel to doctrine, using current events, interesting activities, thought-provoking discussion questions, and examples of real young people making a difference in the world.

Unique Child-Friendly Format

The individual “lesson-by-lesson” format, instead of expensive, bulky textbooks, provides each child with a fresh new lesson every week. And since lessons don’t repeat (they correspond to the three-year Lectionary cycle), we can include current events and cultural developments that help children see the relevance of the Gospel to their lives.

Easily Affordable

You receive all 32 lessons (delivered quarterly) plus a Catechism handbook for each child for one low price. In addition, easy-to-use, full-color Teaching Guides are included FREE. The Teaching Guides contain the complete lesson plans for both parishes and schools. New catechists as well as experienced teachers love these focused plans that are flexible yet sensitive to your schedule.

Catechism Handbooks

The Catechism handbooks— What the Church Believes and Teaches or Mi fe católica (the bilingual edition —are age-appropriate catechisms that contain the essential teachings of the Church. The concepts in the handbooks are integrated into each lesson to reinforce the doctrine. The handbooks also serve as great references for summary and review.


on all levels, with the same question of the week and prayer, encourages family prayer and discussion.


featuring songs by well-known Catholic composer John Burland and reproducible activity books for every level contain activities that relate to the Gospel and doctrinal themes.


meet the needs of catechists and teachers including catholic and seasonal resource sheets, video links, and lesson and unit assessments.