Totally Lent!

Totally Lent - Primary

Totally Lent! (Primary)

For primary-grade children, the weekly pages teach children about the many symbols of Lent and include engaging activities, puzzles, and games to help them understand the life lessons found in the daily Gospel.

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Totally Lent - Intermediate

Totally Lent! (Intermediate)

For intermediate grade children, the weekly pages introduce Lenten symbols and practices and their meaning. The daily activities highlight life lessons from the Scriptures with puzzles and thought-provoking reflection questions, and the simple prayer for each day helps children develop their own personal prayer experience.

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Totally Lent - Teen

Totally Lent! (Jr-Sr High)

A Teen’s Journey to Easter

For teens, there’s greater emphasis on thoughtful reflection and daily mini-journaling. The lives of many saints are featured. Throughout the season, teens learn that the there is a message for them in the Gospel message, and the reflection questions and quotes from real teens inspire them to find ways to live out those lessons.

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