Venture (Grades 4-6)

Lead fourth- to sixth-graders in making moral choices and exploring and expanding faith.

Dramatizations, current events, and original stories link the Gospel to kids’ own lives. Saints’ lives (illustrated as comics) and imaginative activities demonstrate applications of the Gospel message.


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Includes 32 lessons and
the Catechism Handbook.

Connecting Gospel and Doctrine 

introduces the doctrine that is directly related to the Gospel theme.

“Think” questions

challenge young learners to ponder Church teachings.

Online Assessments

include weekly lesson tests, as well as a pre-test, unit test, and final test.

With My Family and Friends

help older children reflect on and apply the Gospel in their lives.

Venture Activity Book + 2 CD Set

New activity book for Venture includes 32 reproducible activities, three Early Start and three Late Close lessons.

The Venture/Visions CD Set contains 2 CDs, and includes songs for the Liturgical Year, as well as acclamations that can be used for prayer and when transitioning to the Gospel portion of each lesson.

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