Pflaum's Online Resources for Parishes and Schools through COVID-19

Pflaum understands that many parishes and schools have chosen to cancel in-person classes due to developments arising from the coronavirus.

In light of the challenge this poses, we are offering a FREE digital version of our Unit 4 student lessons and teaching guides (English and Spanish) to any parishes and schools that need a way to offer lessons to families at home.

If you are not a current Pflaum Gospel Weeklies customer and are interested in the digital version for Unit 4, please call us at 800-543-4383 for more information.

Current customers can already access any of these files using their login email and password.

To support parents who are teaching from the Weeklies, we are providing this training video from our Publisher, David Dziena, in which he describes how to teach the lessons at home.

The Resources for Families page is also available. It includes The Gospel at Home with a short description of the Sunday Gospel and suggested activities and discussion starters for each age level. It also offers links to Weekly Videos that coordinate with each week’s lesson.

Información para padres

Cómo enseñar los Pflaum Gospel Weeklies en casa durante el cierre de parroquias y escuelas por el COVID-19. Recursos para las familias.


For Families Who Cannot Attend Mass due to the Pandemic

With Masses canceled in many dioceses, we realize that families are trying to stay connected to the Eucharist in a way that children can understand.

To help families with this, we are offering a FREE digital version of the Children’s Leaflets for our Spring Quarter (March 1st — May 24th) of Children Celebrate! our Children’s Liturgy of the Word program.

Please feel free to share this link with your families so that they can reflect on the Gospel message together as a family each week during this difficult time.


Resources for Sacramental Preparation for Families at Home

Our Pflaum editors have compiled a list of our free online resources to help parents provide instruction and faith interaction at home during this period of school closure. The sacramental preparation materials on our site are free to use. Anyone can sign up with their email address to have full access to the resources on by clicking on “Bonus Resources” at the top and choosing any of the resources in the many menus offered there.

Together in Jesus Sacrament Preparation Resources for Families

New to the site!
We now offer these three-minute Lesson Preparation Videos for Parents and Catechists. To help you prepare lessons, watch these short preview videos. Each video gives an overview of the lesson objectives and materials needed and includes helpful teaching tips.

First Eucharist
First Reconciliation
Confirmation First Eucharist


Confirmation Resources for Junior and Senior High

Gifted With the Spirit Confirmation (Junior and Senior High)