Lesson 4: Recognizing the Holy Spirit in Your Life
  • Holland’s Opus:
  • Use a short clip from Holland’s Opus to illustrate the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. Preview the clip before showing it to the young people. Show the clip in which Mr. Holland is teaching Gertrude Lange, one of his students, to play without music because the music is inside her. Continue until the young people have seen Gertrude discover what Mr. Holland means. Allow time for discussion. Ask these or similar questions: How did Gertrude discover the music inside her? How can we discover the presence of the Spirit of God within us? How will others recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in us?
  • Show these videos while teaching about the Holy Spirit on pages 3-4.
    • What Is the Holy Spirit?
  • Bishop Barron on The Holy Spirit:
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Abridged) with Bishop Robert Barron:
  • Bishop Barron on the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church:
  • What are the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy?
  • Consider this: The Works of Mercy:
  • Sacraments 101: Confirmation (why we’re confirmed):
  • Show this video while teaching about choosing a sponsor on page 8.