Correlation to Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Visions

Correlation to Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Visions

Click here to view the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Correlations to Sacramental Preparation Programs for 2020-21.

Using Gifted with the Spirit with Visions

Pflaum publishes both Gifted with the Spirit and the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program. For seventh and eighth graders, Visions is Pflaum’s liturgically-based weekly. For each of the Church’s three Lectionary cycles, Visions offers 32 lessons that help young people respond to what Jesus asks of them in the Sunday Gospels and provide broad background for sacramental preparation. Check each year’s Visions Scope and Sequence for lessons that pair especially well with your sacramental preparation efforts.

Through timely, current event stories; dramas; prayer services; and hands-on activities, each Visions weekly lesson invites young people to connect their evolving life story with the Gospel and its relevance to the purpose of their lives. By making the Gospel message their own, young people grow in their ability, not only to participate in Sunday worship, but also to respond to Jesus’ challenge to love others and help people in need.

Faith Formation/Sacramental Prep Sessions Model

Many parishes tie both their faith formation and sacramental prep efforts to the Sunday Gospel and Liturgical Year. They use the Visions opening activity and then work the Sunday Gospel and a reflection into the opening prayer. The type of reflection depends on the length of the session. They continue the session with their sacramental prep materials and then suggest one thing from Visions for the children to do at home.

Some parishes establish a special sacramental catechesis schedule on a different afternoon or evening from regular religious education classes, so young people can participate in both. For eight weeks in fall or eight weeks in spring, Confirmation candidates have sacrament preparation in addition to regular parish religion classes.


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