Planning Ahead: All Saints’ Day

After the flurry of the first few weeks of class, you may be looking ahead to the Church holidays on the horizon. The Church will celebrate All Saints’ Day on Wednesday, November 1. Pflaum provides free activity pages for All Saints’ Day that are geared for every age. Seeds children will see that saints, like Francis of Assisi—cared for God’s people and Creation. Promise children will understand saints as good people who live with God in Heaven. We Praise Holy People, for kindergarten and grade 1, is available in Spanish and English. Good News children will enjoy the Saintly Trick or Treat activity that challenges them to match 10 saints with their most well-known characteristics. Even saints had day jobs: the Saints and Their Labors activity will remind Venture students that all talents are welcomed in God’s kingdom. In Saints’ EpitaphsVisions students will take a poetic look at the lives of six saints. It may even inspire them to write an epitaph of their own!


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